Woodworking Overview

In January of 2017, my father and I took a wood turning class and got involved with various woodworking activities beyond what we had previously. We had done a number of home improvement projects and small pieces of roughly made or building material furniture, but turning, and the incredible variety of woods we’ve found, has opened up new creative opportunities for us. We’ve had great success so far with pens and have started working towards larger projects like wands, bowls, candlesticks, and more as well as projects outside of wood turning.

Our website, www.Chesswood-Designs.com, is the main source of information and pictures on what we’ve be working on. The website also has our contact information for commissions as well as any additional questions people may have. We also have a Facebook page and Etsy shop listed, for more regular updates and an opportunity to purchase items not made for commissions!