As a part of what I contribute back to the community, that has given me so much, I teach and relay information, insights, and techniques that I have researched, or been taught, to others. Being able to have others understand the thing that brings me so much fulfillment and watch them grow in their own understanding and enjoyment is priceless. I put most of my energy into the Blues and Blues Dancing scenes, so most of my expertise and skill resides in teaching those. However, I do also have experience in introductory classes for Lindy hop, Charleston, and Balboa if you’re looking for additional variety in classes or content.

If interested in any of the below options, or if you have questions or clarifications, please reach out to me via Me@MarcLonghenry.com or my Contact Form.

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Weekly / Monthly Classes

Dance Workshops

DJ Workshops

As a part of my journey and learning as a DJ and a local scene leader for Philadelphia, I have taught and introduced several of our DJs. This workshop entails the basics of what is needed, logistically, to DJ as well as a score of tips, tricks, and best practices to make DJing easy, begin watching a floor of dancers and adjusting, interacting with event organizers, equipping yourself to play through a variety of sound systems, and more as time allows.

One post-introductory class I also offer is a playlist building session. This session works with attendees to gradually build a set together where we go through more detailed conversations around song choice, identifying various types and feels of blues music, and piecing together a general set-list flow so that attendees also get a feel for stringing songs together. Depending on your goals, this can be combined with a dance or set in an event schedule to play for dancers, which potentially generates more interest in DJing as well as builds up your attendees in ownership of the dance / event.

Private Lessons: Providing individual, tailored, growth and learning.

While Weekly Classes and Workshops are, in my opinion, the best way to involve yourself in a new dance and the community around it, there are certain points in your dancing career where you will feel stuck, plateaued, sore, or that something doesn’t look or feel quite right. This is where Private Lessons come into play. Private Lessons provide 1-on-1, partnered, or small group sessions designed to pin-point material and areas of improvement that suit you and what you’re working on.
I have taken many private lessons, and enjoy experiencing them from a variety of teachers, to continue my learning and understanding of various facets of blues dancing and how they can be applied or show up in my dancing. With that experience, and my thirst for knowledge and growth, I offer private lessons where I travel to and in my home city of Philadelphia to spread the knowledge I have, help others grow in their dancing, and to learn how to be a better teacher and master the techniques i’ve learned and developed.
As with most things, being available for a private lesson is dependent on my schedule, but if you’re interested in getting a private lesson with me, i’ll do my best to nail a time-frame down that works for us both. Just scroll down to my Contact Form and send me as much information as you can about why you’re interested in a private lesson, what time you have available, and what you think I could provide for you or help you grow in!

Teacher Bio

Marc began dancing East Coast Swing in the fall of 2010 at University of Delaware at the request of a friend, playing video games in most of his free time. The dancing bug quickly dug deep and it didn’t take long for Marc to begin traveling up to Philadelphia to LaB’s many dances and gradually expanding his repetoire to include Lindyhop, Charleston, Balboa, Hiphop, Tango, Salsa, Fusion, and his love, the Blues.

Marc now contributes to the Philadelphia community as a LaBTech, the Ringleader of Powerhouse Blues, and a regular Teacher and DJ. He travels to events nearly every month of the year to connect with the national and international dancing community, to grow and learn to better himself and those around him, and to have fun and experience the world. This, and the commitment that he is for the dancing community, shows up in the way he dances, the way he teaches his classes, the way he competes, and the way he interacts with students.

Marc also runs events, offers private lessons, and travels around to provide benefit to various communities. If you’re interested in contacting him about private lessons or other services, please visit his website: www.MarcLonghenry.com.

Photo Credit: Devon Rowland Photography.