Here is a list of website samples I have had a hand in creating, or developed myself. This is by no means an exhaustive list as projects worked on for employers are often proprietary and i’m unable to claim or show those.


  1. Lindy and Blues (LaB)
  2. Dancing Everywhere

Lindy and Blues (LaB)

Technologies: WordPress, PHP, MySQL, AngularJS
Purpose: Website Design and Event Registration System
Link: www.LindyandBlues.com
Project Overview: Lindy and Blues (LaB) is an organization in Philadelphia, PA that hosts regular swing and blues dances around the city. There are a lot of moving parts to this organization, but the primary goal was ensuring that there was a clean, but vibrant, welcome page with a simple side-bar menu to quickly direct potential attendees to the information they’d need to attend in addition to giving them a quick calendar snapshot of what was coming up. In addition, I built a registration system for them from scratch that accommodated a lot of the pieces of information and connections to Paypal that were necessary for them to get dancers in the door and for them to collect money. The registration system included front-end data forms and payments, as well as numerous back-end management pages and update processes.
Status: Though this website is still up-to-date, however I no longer manage it.

Dancing Everywhere

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Sass, MySQL, PHP, AngularJS, and Google Maps API.
Purpose: Crowd- and Organization-sourced information on regular dancing opportunities.
Link: www.DancingEverywhere.com
Project Overview: Dancing Everywhere is a personal project idea sparked by the numerous conversations held between dancers and within Facebook Groups to find places to dance that aren’t readily known. This also serves a different space for the global community than DanceCal as that site focuses on large events and workshops. The intention is to expand this to catalog as many recurring dance events as possible, regardless of the style, in order to give anyone interested in dancing a one-stop source.
Status: I am actively hosting, managing, and developing this site.