Blues music can be, depending on sources, a wide-variety of styles and sub-genres. There are also styles of Blues that are great to listen to, and others that encourage particular styles of dancing. Most of what I have been taught, and the resources I have talked to, point to as a great resource to get started. This site has a wealth of information on sub-genres, what makes each unique, and gives a list of Artists / CDs / Songs that exemplify that sub-genre to get you started in understanding it. Wikipedia also has a plethora of information on the history, form, and musical structures for the style if some of those items are helpful in understanding different styles of music for you.


DJing, for me at least, has been an excellent opportunity to delve further into the history and culture of the dance and the music of blues by way of the lyrics and feelings in a song. There are also a myriad of supplemental benefits such as training your ear to hear the differences in music, the variety of pitches and instruments, and other audible cues that make dancing and dynamically interacting with music so much fun in this style. Part of being able to DJ well is to understand what makes that music unique from other styles of music, and what is available within those boundaries to make a set engaging.

Typically, for those not familiar with DJing or familiar with it from clubs or other scenes, DJs in our scene will bring a laptop or other music storage device and play on whatever sound system is available. Unlike Professional and Club DJs, at least in my experience, most of us will not have speaker systems and monitors that can be setup in any venue. I do have a portable speaker set that will work in most small to medium sized room, so if you are hiring me for a gig please make sure to let me know to bring it!

If interested in booking me to DJ please shoot an e-mail to, or use the Contact Form, with as much information as you can. I’m looking for date, time, and location primarily as that influences how easily I can be at an event and how much I would charge to ensure it doesn’t cost me more to attend an event than i’m being paid.

DJ Bio

Taking interest and influence from a great variety of dancers, DJs, and artists, Marc Longhenry enjoys bringing people to their feet and their dances to near euphoria. He delights in bringing new and different views to DJing while keeping the classics in play, and the most heart warming moment of his night is to see the crowd-wide reaction to a fantastic song or to see the complex play of emotion and expression across the floor.

Photo Credit: Emily Fleck Photography