Web Development, particularly working on and building systems, is another passion of mine. One that often pays the bills a little more and provides incredible beauty, utility, and ease to those I work to support. With only an Associates Degree (so far) in Computer Information Systems, most of my work and learning has taken place “on the job” learning technologies, techniques, and the pitfalls associated with those as I go along. This gives me a unique edge in this area of life as i’m accustomed to looking for solutions in a variety of places, testing them for usability and efficiency, as well as pulling from an extensive history for creative applications to suit the needs of my clients.

My primary source of work and inspiration right now is finalizing a website redesign that was recently applied to an organization that I hold dear to my heart, Lindy and Blues, as well as continued work on the dance event registration site that I’ve built for them over the years. The website itself is operated on WordPress to make it simple for most organizers to update, modify, and contribute information for our community to use, the design is the Nikka Theme modified through a variety of HTML and CSS through a child theme, and the registration system is mostly in PHP with an increasing use of Angular and Javascript for the front end functionality. Please visit the website to get a feel for the work I do and the things that inspire me, you can also take a look at our classes and get involved in dancing!


I provide a simple interface for existing clients to acquire and manage hosting as well as a myriad of website design and development services. If you have an interest or a need for those, shoot me an e-mail through the contact form, I would love to work with you!