I am a Dancer, an Instructor, a DJ, a Performer, a Competitor, an Organizer, an Enthusiast, and so much more. Blues dancing was first introduced to me in January of 2011, shortly after I started swing dancing in the Fall of 2010. It didn’t take long after I found this scene filled with music, expression, and connection that was so drastically different that anything I had experienced, to get me hooked for life.

Philadelphia is my home, Lindy and Blues (LaB) is the organization I help run, and Powerhouse Blues (PhB) is my home blues scene. I help run and organize PhB as it’s Committee Ringleader and as a LaBtech with the larger organization Lindy and Blues (LaB) that support Swing and Blues dancing in the Philadelphia area. In line with those roles, I often teach, DJ, and compete as a way of giving back to the community that gave me the life that I have now and continue to hone my skills as a dancer and expand my understanding of blues as a dance and a way of life.

I am available and looking for opportunities to teach blues idiom dancing and DJ blues music, as well as other activities that help contribute to the various communities that surround blues idiom dance and blues music. Please get in touch with me if you’d like to schedule a Private Lesson, have me teach at your local dance or workshop, DJ a blues dancing event, or anything else that relates to what i’m striving to contribute. I would love to work with you!